How to export followers from Instagram

December 28, 2018
By Milo Spencer-Harper Instagram data analyst

With Magi Metrics it's easy to export Instagram followers into Excel. We can export any public Instagram account with less than 10,000 followers.

1. Go to our homepage and enter the Instagram username of the account you wish to export.

2. Click 'Buy'.

3. Enter your email address and credit card information. We won't charge you until the order has beeen successfully delivered.

4. We will email you the Excel spreadsheet in 24 hours.

What columns will be in the spreadsheet?

We will include the following fields for each follower:

  • Instagram ID
  • Username
  • Full Name
  • Bio
  • Website (if present)
  • Number of posts (Media count)
  • Number of followers (Follower count)
  • Number of accounts who follow them (Following count)
  • Is Private (True/False)
  • Is Verified (True/False)
  • Profile Picture URL
  • Profile URL
  • Email address (if present in the Bio)
Download sample file